Roof Insurance Scams

roof insurance scams

The roof is one of the most important components of any home. No part plays a bigger role in keeping the elements out, so when a roof requires repair, you have little time to waste.

The desire to have a roof quickly replaced and the fact that most people have little experience working with a roofing contractor can set an unsuspecting homeowner up for a variety of scams.

Fraudulent roofing contractors prey on vulnerable homeowners and have become pretty bold in their sales tactics.

The most prevalent scams in the roofing industry almost HAS to be the door-to-door salesman.  They show up unannounced and uninvited with the promise of a free roof.
They typically target the elderly, but anyone is subject to this.  These guys are trained to sell and they can be very persuasive.
Generally they show up after a major storm and work the entire neighborhood.  They get their foot in the door with the offer to inspect your roof for free.  You’re under no obligation they are just trying to “help”.
At this point it’s anybody’s guess what they do.  Some have just created roof damage on their own during this free inspection.  Others will show the elderly homeowner photos of their roof damage which actually came from another home.
It’s not unheard of for the salesperson to come back to the homeowner and show them a shingle which had “fallen off” when in fact the scam artist simply tore the shingle off.
You can know if there is NOT any damage before the inspection, there will be AFTER the inspection.
Never let these people around your home.  Should they even succeed at obtaining you a new roof the claim is gonna be on your insurance account and could possibly affect any future legitimate claim. You could also find yourself without insurance coverage for your home should your carrier decline your renewal.
I suggest letting your own insurance company inspect the roof.  While there do exist honest door to door roofing salesmen you have to be aware it is a HUGE fraud.


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