Cheap Car Insurance. Do I Need A New Quote Every Year?

Cheap Car Insurance. Do I Need A New Quote Every Year?

None of us really enjoy shopping for cheap car insurance. Cheap Car Insurance. Do I Need A New Quote Every Year?

It’s the primary reason a lot of us pay too much for our insurance coverage.

We pay almost $400 every year more than we should. Simply because while we want cheap car insurance we do NOT enjoy shopping for it. Cheap Car Insurance. Do I Need A New Quote Every Year?

Therefore, this reluctance costs us on average about 35%.

Car insurance rates vary a great deal. This is because auto insurance companies all measure their risk a bit differently.


Some car insurance companies may add a whole lot of weight to your credit score. Others may place weight on your job or occupation. And of course, your address has quite a bit to do with how much you pay for car insurance.  Very cheap car insurance may be hard to find in a very urban location.

A big hassle is when you enter the information to obtain a quote and your phone won’t quit ringing from insurance salesmen. Also your notice your email box filling up with offers. There are tools to obtain online quotes without having to fork over all of your private information.

The tool gives shoppers estimates of what they would pay from several insurers in their state and allows them to select their preferred level of coverage. When users enter their age, average mileage, traffic violations and select other filters, quotes are updated in real-time. All information is submitted anonymously and is not used for soliciting or marketing.

You can use these tools as a starting point to find cheap car insurance.

But make sure you at least annually shop around. Our situations change. The kids move out. We move. We change jobs. The insurance market overall declines in price. Just too many variable go into insurance quotes NOT to monitor what you are paying.

That car you are insuring also just got a year older. Maybe you are not driving as many miles as you were before. Could it be you honestly don’t need comprehensive?

Even our credit report changes on a monthly basis. If your car insurance company uses this as a factor you are only cheating yourself for not getting new car insurance quotes.

Maybe a car insurance company offers a new plan.  Maybe another one offers a new type of discount.

If you don’t compare car insurance quotes on some regular basis, you are not getting the best possible deal.

Additionally, things change in your own life. These changes can impact your car insurance rates. You might not even realize what changes that you make might influence your best choice for an insurer. That is why it is helpful to shop around periodically.

Changes that might impact your search for cheap car insurance.

Did you buy a new car?  Did you buy a used car? Did you add a new driver to your policy? Did you pay off the car? Have you moved? Did you change jobs? Not only should you check your rates annually just as a habit but our lives change. We get married, switch employers, start our own businesses.

Cheap car insurance companies look at all kinds of things to determine our rate.

Shopping around for multiple car insurance quotes gives you a chance to compare current quotes, discounts, and plans. It also forces you and an insurance agent to consider your current circumstances. These could be very different that your circumstances were when you last purchased a policy several years ago.

Don’t pay more than you have to. Always search for very cheap car insurance on at least an annual basis.


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