Can I Lie On My Life Insurance Application?

Can I Lie On My Life Insurance Application?

If you think you can lie on your life insurance application and get away with it, think again.

You won’t be the first to try it and life insurance companies have been lied to before. But Can I Lie On My Life Insurance Application? Yes. But it doesn’t usually work very well.

Therefore, you should seriously consider what happens should your family need to receive the proceeds after your demise only to learn you lied on your application. Please understand, if you lie on your application the life insurance company can simply deny the claim.  End of story.

Lying to the insurance company may get you a cheaper rate.  None of us would want to disclose that one of our parents had cancer. But we must.  First of all you’re gonna get caught.  Second of all it’s just plain dishonest.

But, if you do lie the best thing that could happen to you is if the insurance company caught it early and just denied the policy.  For them to catch your lie after your death puts your dependents in a terrible situation.

So don’t lie about the medical history of your family.  Don’t lie about anything?  A LOT of people and I mean a LOT of people want to kind of keep their tobacco use a secret from their insurance carrier.  They’ll never know.  Right?


You may get around the health examination part.  BUT, should you pass away due to a tobacco related cause your family will be left high and dry.

Therefore, don’t lie about ANYTHING!  Not the medical history of your loved ones, not your tobacco use, not your traffic tickets.


It’s just not worth it. Just pay the extra premium amount and rest assured that your family is going to be taken care of should you pass.

If none of that bothers you then consider that more than likely you are guilty of a host of federal and state crimes once you submit false information! Don’t do it! EVER!




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