Alien Abduction Insurance

Alien Abduction Insurance

Alien Abduction Insurance is about what it sounds like. It’s simply an insurance policy that protects you financially from alien abductions.

The insurance policy pays if you can prove you were were abducted by aliens and returned to Earth.

The Daily Telegraph report that one English company has sold over 30,000 policies. Some companies offer policies for alien pregnancy, alien examinations and death caused by aliens.

The very first company to offer UFO abduction insurance was the St. Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

The company pays the claimant $1 per year until their death or for 1 million years, whichever comes first.

Over 20,000 people have purchased the insurance.

The Heaven’s Gate religious group had purchased alien abduction insurance before their mass suicide in 1997. Their insurance company suspended sales of alien abduction insurance after the suicide but later resumed sales.

Some alien abduction policies do double the amount paid should you become pregnant during the abduction event. So there’s that I guess.

A London based firm has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction insurance policies throughout Europe. Of course, you’ll need to provide proof of the occurrence to file a claim.

Grip, the London insurer, states that they have yet to pay out on a single claim.

Just when you thought you had pretty adequate coverage.

The number of alien abduction claims has risen steadily in the previous decades. UFO sightings has spread around the globe. And beware, most of the alien abductions seem to have happened right here at home.  In the United States.

You can buy Alien Abduction Insurance for yourself, for member of your family or as gift to your friend or loved one.

The first alleged alien abduction claim to be widely heard of was the Betty and Barry Hill abduction in 1961 in a rural part of New Hampshire.

A policy normally costs around $150 per $1.5 million in coverage. Policy offerings vary from $10, 000 to $10 million.

Several companies offer policies that range from $10, 000 to $10 million. Coverage varies from company to company. Smart shoppers will look for a company that has a good business record, a reasonable cost for coverage, and a wide range of benefits.

Don’t laugh.  Two claimants are currently receiving payouts, both in New York.

Notable policyholders include Shirley MacLaine and a Harvard professor who has written about alien abduction.



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